Jesse Duffy - Two Weeks in Tokyo

I am a final year Business and Sociology student in Trinity College Dublin and this year I was lucky enough to work with
the amazing team of Savills Japan for a portion of my Summer. I took Japanese for my Leaving Cert in Ireland and I have always had a keen interest in property, so when I was given the opportunity to do a work experience placement
with Savills Japan, I naturally jumped at the chance. I believed that it would not only give me the chance to improve my Japanese but also to explore a beautiful city and get an insight into the Japanese property market, from the eyes of a globally recognized firm.

All of these things came to light, however, I learned far more during experience with Savills Tokyo than I could have
imagined. The main project that I worked on was with the Tenant Rep Team, where-by myself and other colleges collected data on the office markets in Central Business Districts around the globe in order to conduct and comparative
analysis with the Tokyo CBD office market, with the end goal of presenting this information to tenants and investors alike. This really tested my research skills, however it was the perfect project in order to gain an in depth
knowledge of the work of Savills and their competitors and to also learn about the commercial sector in the Asia Pacific region. This task brought me up to speed quickly and allowed me to fully understand the work of other teams and
effectively contribute in meetings and outings that I was graciously invited to.

The Institutional Investment Team were kind enough to take me on tours of some of the spectacular high rise buildings
around Tokyo and tell me about the trials and tribulations of the financing, constructing and brokering of these buildings, detailing to me the level of involvement of Savills Tokyo with each project. I was also lucky to be invited to
meetings with investors and lenders in the property industry, outside of Savills, where I learned about investors requirements and their views on the market, the property market cycle in Japan and how deals are financially
leveraged, along with gaining an insight into the intricacies of Japanese business etiquette that must be adhered to at all times. One meeting however, was conducted solely through Japanese and I must say it went almost completely
over my head! My Japanese skills aren't quite there yet, but it gives me something to work on for when I return.

Outside of the office, Tokyo is truly a wonderful place. I made a lot of friends, visited many crazy places such as the
famous fish markets and the infamous pot noodle museum! I even attended the Nishiarai Fireworks festival and managed to climb Mt.Fuji before I left. Definitely one for the bucket list!

Overall, I had a fabulous and educational experience, both inside and outside the Savills office. Everybody was so
welcoming and helpful and I will look forward to returning to Tokyo in the future and also applying for the Savills Graduate Program in this coming academic year.