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    Name: Harun Miah

    University & Course: City Gateway

    Pathway: Health & Safety

    Team: Health & Safety

    Personal Profile:

    My job role is to assist the health and safety director. This involves tasks such as organising meetings, booking trainings, keeping records of webinar attendances, updating spreadsheets and uploading forms and procedures on the intranet system (Connect) after it has been updated. I believe that this information is accurate to what I have been doing since I have joined Savills. There are also everyday tasks such as making/answering phone calls and dealing with emails.


    Prior to joining Savills, I was studying in a small college called City Gateway and was also an employee of McDonald's during that time. I have visited many offices during my time at City Gateway which gave me an insight of what it is like to be working in a professional environment. I was constantly applying for new apprenticeships and attending interviews which led me to get an apprenticeship in Savills.  


    What I enjoy most about my job is that I am able to communicate and provide people with support and I feel confident when doing it. This involves people emailing/calling me regarding queries such as training bookings, invoices, sending them documents via email etc. I enjoy doing this as I am very keen to provide support to others and like to keep myself busy. When I am not in the office, I use my time to complete work given by City Gateway.


    Savills is a great place to work as it has given me an opportunity to expand my knowledge in working in a professional environment as well as picking up on new skills in administration. It is very different to my previous job and I have learned a lot whilst working in Savills. I am confident that the experience that I have gained here will benefit me when working in any similar job roles.


    Name: Luke Tubbs

    University & Course: University College of Estate Management

    Pathway: Development

    Team: South Coast Development

    Personal Profile:

    A Day in the life of a Savills Apprentice

    Who Am I?

    My name is Luke Tubbs and I am part of the South-Coast Development team (CSDV). I started my property apprenticeship 6 months ago with the University College of Estate Management.

    What is a typical day?

    No two days are  the same within the development team. My day starts in the office, at 8:45 in the office where I check my e-mails and plan my day ahead with tasks that need to be completed. I have various roles within the team and these normally consist of me gathering any relevant comparable property information for valuation  reports, setting up and drafting initial reports for valuations, accompanying other members of the team on inspections and site visits which consists of taking photographs, making notes of a property/sites and taking measurements. I also get involved in any client meetings/conference calls which may be linked to the job that I am doing and also any internal meetings with my colleges.

    Alongside my day-day job I also complete university work whenever I have spare time, whether that be in the evenings or on weekends or a quiet hour within the office. My university work varies constantly and can consist of making notes from a text book or watching online  lectures. I also spend one working day a week, which is normally a Wednesday, to complete the main body of my university work, I spend this at home and will login into my university VLE to complete any task's which have been set for me.

    Why Property?

    Property has been a major influence in my life, with my Grandfather working, at Director level, for a local housebuilders, my uncle being a Chartered Valuation Surveyor and my father being a Property Developer and Portfolio owner. It could be said that my background is property. Growing up around property has meant that when it came to choosing my career path property had a strong influence over me and after doing some work experience I decided surveying was for me.

    My Background?

    I completed A-levels Geography, Business and Economics and IT at Corfe Hills School in 2017. After completing my A-levels I did some work experience at Savills for 2 weeks where the apprenticeship scheme was offered to me. After weighing up all my options including Full-time university I decided that the Apprenticeship scheme was exactly what I wanted to do, as it allowed me to still get a degree in property in the same time as it would have taken me at university but instead of the ever growing pile of debt I would be earning whilst I was learning. After my interview I joined the team in September 2017 and I have never looked back. The team welcomed me into their family and within two weeks it felt like I had been there for years.

    Best Thing about my job?

    I love that my job  is always varied the fact that I am not sat at a desk all day every day because I get to go out and meet clients and attend networking events.

    The Studying?

    I think the apprenticeship scheme is a really great way to learn and gain a degree which will later lead to a professional qualification, whilst gaining practical experience and earning an income. Whilst the studying side is not easy and requires a lot of time, not just the one day a week which I get away from the office, but also evenings and weekends, the help and support you get from Savills is amazing. If I ever need to go anywhere for university my Line Manger is very flexible and everyone in the team is very supportive with my studying and also encouraging when it comes to completing submissions and exams.

    Having the knowledge and skills of recent graduates and  surveyors in my team to help me whenever I have a question about my studying is also brilliant as it allows me to learn from the best people in the field.

    Name: Tom Walker

    University & Course: University College of Estate Management - Real Estate Management/Valuation

    Pathway: Development

    Team: Development

    Personal Profile:

    Tom Walker delves into his past 6 months as a Savills Apprentice in the Birmingham development team.

    1. What does a typical day consist of?

     Every working day is different, and I'm constantly learning new aspects of the job and the property industry.

    My day in the office starts at 8:30am, after roughly an hours commute. I normally start the day by responding to relevant emails, checking up on the latest property news, and prioritising a list of jobs that need to be done. My work varies from sourcing comparable sales data, producing marketing reports, running valuations on schemes, conducting viewings on development sites/site visits, assisting on agency instructions and catching up with any university work that needs attention.

    Along side my work, I attend both internal and external meetings which all have relevance to projects that I am dealing with. I use these as opportunities to network with clients and colleagues and learn about the job in hand.

    2. What's your background?

    I completed my A-Levels in 2016, at which point I knew about the Savills apprenticeship but applications had closed. Despite having offers from both the University of The West of England and the University of Portsmouth to study Property development and Planning, I deferred my place for a year. I spent a year working in a local estate agent as I thought this would be a great point to have on my CV for future life and also to gain some experience of meeting clients, the property market, and negotiating sales - I even managed to get some deals done! I used this year to focus on my Savills application to make sure I had the best possible chance in securing a place onto the apprenticeship scheme.

    3. What is the best thing about your job?

    I enjoy everything, I get to experience a variety of projects which make each day at work exciting and different. I enjoy being part of the wider Savills team where all take passion in their work which motivates me.

    4. And when you're not in the office?

    When I'm not in the office I like to keep active, having been a competitive sailor up to the age of 18 I relish any opportunity to get back on the water. Also being an avid skier I enjoy going skiing as often as I can.

    5. What do you think of Savills as learning environment?

    The only hesitation I first had when I joined Savills is the thought of studying part time instead of full time. 6 months in and I think that the apprenticeship scheme is brilliant, I have dedicated times in my diary to study and some of the best professionals in the property industry to learn from. The scheme is a truly great way into the property industry. 

    Name: Jordanne Wilson

    University & Course: University College of Estate Management

    Pathway: Building Surveying

    Team: Building Consultancy

    Personal Profile:

    I started my apprenticeship with Savills Birmingham Building & Project Consultancy 18 months ago, after completing a year at sixth form. The role comprises a two year course with the University College of Estate Management studying their Level 3 Surveying Technician Diploma of which I am about to finish my final year. I am allocated one day a week to complete my coursework which is primarily taught through UCEM's online VLE and a monthly workshop with our course leaders. The course also involves obtaining the Associate RICS qualification which I also plan to submit this July. On completion of my diploma I will then move on to gaining my BSc (Hons) Building Surveying  degree part time, the last year of which will partially count toward my APC.

    Being on the Building Surveying pathway as an apprentice in particular is great as the experience gained both in the office and on regular site visits observing my colleagues consolidates and expands on the theory I study at college - and I often learn far more. The work I do from day to day is rarely routine or similar and though variety alone would keep me interested, the size of Savills and their client base makes it even more so and offers opportunities that would be hard to find elsewhere. Though adjusting to distance learning was difficult at first, having the opportunity to work with such a talented and approachable team has been of incomparable benefit so far and I know will continue to be for the rest of my pathway and beyond.


    Name: Olly Eades

    University & Course: College of Estate Management, Level 3 Surveying Technician Apprenticeship

    Pathway: Surveying, Commercial

    Team: Retail Landlord, London

    Personal Profile:

    January 2016

    Having finally begun work towards my AssocRICS qualification, the new challenge of balancing work and study have been a welcome one. Over the course of January I have had the opportunity to delve into the more tangible aspects of the retail department with fruitful tours of Greater London town high streets. These excursions away from the desk have enabled me to gain a far greater perception of the process I am endeavouring to gain major involvement in. Furthermore the introduction of work relating to Legislative fluency in the real estate cycle has assisted me vastly in my development, and I look forward to beginning the compilation of my portfolio with the College of Estate Management over the next few months and the positive implications this will undoubtedly have on my contribution to Savills.


    Name: Darren Angel

    University & Course: College of Estate Management, Level 3 Surveying Technician Apprenticeship

    Pathway: Surveying - Valuation

    Team: Residential Valuations, London

    Personal Profile:

    January 2016

    Fresh cup of tea brewed and a blank Word document opened up on screen. Fast forward an hour and I've an empty cup of tea and still a blank Word document up on screen. Progress. This is what happens when you're asked to pen a monthly piece (for all my fans out there) into how my rise from an Apprentice to Technical Assistant to now apparent blog writer is shaping up. Cometh the hour, cometh the man!

    To put your worrying mind at ease, my time at Savills has been going great. I've been on inspections to many amazing and not so amazing properties, worked with tons of the most amazing people, been abroad and more recently I've started a new apprenticeship *confetti and balloons drop from the ceiling*.

    'What is this new apprenticeship?' I hear you cry, well I'm glad to you asked. What is currently being defined as 'trailblazing' (I can hardly believe it myself), I'll be studying for the next few years towards a Surveying Technician Diploma as well as for an AssocRICS accreditation. Double the work, double the fun and double the drink!

    Writing this blog is how I imagine 'hitting the big time' feels, and as I'm sure you can already tell, I take my blog writing duties very seriously. So stay tuned and here's hoping you're still around for the next edition of the blog. To be continued…

    - Dazza

    Name: Daniel Mackey

    University & Course: College of Estate Management, Level 3 Surveying Technician Apprenticeship

    Pathway: Surveying – Valuation

    Team: Commercial Valuation, London

    Personal Profile:

    January 2016

    Whilst writing this blog I cast my mind over the 2 life changing years I have been at Savills. An eye opening chapter to the novel of Daniel Mackey.

    Diving into the start of 2015, a year from joining and overcoming my first stepping stone of finishing my initial apprenticeship it was a moment of solidarity with myself and working peers on what to do next. The thought of embarking another journey in property was always in the back of my mind, finding what to do and how to get involved was easier said than done. The thought of going to university was always on the cards, however there was the problem with balancing that with a full time job, travel - well you get the gist of it.

    So the question is how can I help myself and the teams I work for progress in the future?

    It dawned upon us that the Chartered Surveying Training Trust (CSTT) were taking on young professionals in the property industry in a hope to receive accreditation to become Associates to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors - (the big ticket)

    From there we can begin to swim with bigger fish. The course is 2 years long, in this time I will be paddling along with other apprentices understanding more in the industry while working in Commercial Valuations, no doubt the course and my day to day duties will tie in together to make the perfect knot.

    It is now February 2016! The ship has departed and we are now on the voyage to becoming fully chartered. Lets not get too ahead of ourselves, we're still in shallow waters...

    Name: Daniel Blaize

    University & Course: College of Estate Management, Level 3 Surveying Technician Apprenticeship

    Pathway: Surveying – Valuation

    Team: Residential Valuation, London

    Personal Profile:

    January 2016

    My name is Daniel Blaize and I am an apprentice in the residential valuation department. When I first started at Savills I was very nervous as I had never worked in a large corporate company before, so immediately the systems and work load I found challenging. After a couple of weeks of monitoring my colleagues performing the tasks I became very familiar with the jobs that had to be performed. Savills set me up on a lot of training courses that benefited me in ways that I couldn't imagine. These being Word Bronze and silver, Excel, Dynamics, Invoicing, Promap. This did not only help me in my place of work but these skills I can also use at home or take with me in to the future.

    I have been on the apprentice scheme for 6 months. Throughout my time in valuations I have undertaken many different jobs and roles to perform within my team. These consist of editing reports, assisting on inspections of properties, due diligence invoicing and many more. I could not sum my job role up in one word as the work is so diverse, this allows you to learn and pick up different skills that you would I would never thought I would have achieved.

    The apprenticeship is a great scheme to get on to. It has benefited me in ways that I did not imagine - before I received the apprenticeship I wanted to go to university as I believed this was the only way to get in to the property industry, until I came across the CSTT.

    This is the company that helped me to find the great company I am at now. Being able to start my career in property and gain the experience I need to qualify as a surveyor whilst gaining working experience makes this process even better. My mum always said to me good things come to people that wait, better things come to people that work hard for what they believe in.