Apprenticeship Programme

Work with top professionals, study with future leaders on a Savills Apprenticeship.

Our Programme lasts 5 years, and offers a permanent job contract.  Working four full days in the office with the fifth day spent at University you will gain a foundation degree (during years one and two) and then a full undergraduate degree (years 3-5).


    Name: Henry Mundell

    University & Course: Kingston University - Real Estate Management BSc(Hons)

    Pathway: Surveying

    Team: Property Management, London

    Personal Profile:

    Having decided that I would like a career in surveying, I weighed up the relative merits  of full time university versus an apprenticeship scheme and quickly came to the conclusion that the wealth of experience gained through 'on the job' training would not only be beneficial to me, but could well be a deciding factor for future employers to consider.

    To this end, I approached the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust (CSTT) once I had completed my A Levels and was thrilled to gain an apprenticeship - I am now two years into the scheme and have completed a Level 3 BTEC (Construction & the Built Environment) and an NVQ Diploma (Surveying, Property & Maintenance). I have just submitted my application to become an Associate RICS member and will be commencing my degree in Real Estate Management in September. The first two years have been fantastic, especially being able to utilise newly learnt skills in real, practical situations for Savills. Moreover, the surveying world is extremely sociable and I have made many new friends at work and college with whom I can share my experiences.

    Of course, it's not all a walk in the park - balancing my studies with the day to day pressures of working life can be tricky but when I consider what I will have achieved once I finally have the MRICS qualification and the experience I will have amassed in getting there, it will all be worth it.

    Name: Barbara Turner

    University & Course: BSc in Property Management and Investment

    Pathway: Surveying

    Team: Property Management, London

    Personal Profile:

    I started my career as an apprentice at GVA Grimley in September 2004. I fell into the apprenticeship by chance, having attended a careers talk being given by GVA Grimley at University. Luckily, I was able to transfer from the full time BSc in Property Management and Investment I had registered for over to the part time version of the same course, which meant that I was able to go to work 4 days a week and go to University 1 day a week.

    The apprenticeship route to becoming a chartered surveyor is by no means the easiest route, but I believe it can be the most rewarding in the long term. It was sometimes tough to watch my friends enjoying their spare time outside of their full time University degrees and the days were sometimes long if University deadlines coincided with busy periods at work. However, the benefits of the apprenticeship route far outweighed these challenges. Unlike my friends completing full time degrees, I was given a bursary by the local authority to pay for my tuition fees and so at the end of my degree I didn't need to worry about paying back thousands of pounds worth of debt.

    I was also one of the few lucky graduates in 2008 to secure a Graduate position, having already shown my worth to the company. My hard work was often rewarded by being included in networking and client entertainment, which I obviously enjoyed!

    Finally, I had already completed the first year of my APC alongside the last year of my degree. There is no doubt in my mind that completing the apprenticeship set me ahead of other graduates at that time by giving me good, practical experience at a very difficult time for property professionals.

    Name: Daniel Blaize

    University & Course: College of Estate Management, Level 3 Surveying Technician Apprenticeship

    Pathway: Surveying – Valuation

    Team: Residential Valuation, London

    Personal Profile:

    Having finished my level 3 Business qualification in business studies, I then decided it was time to start trying to pursue my career in surveying. University was an option for me as I had applied for the university of Portsmouth to study Property Management, as at this point in time I believed this to be one of my best options. This is, until I came across the CSTT (Chartered Surveying Training Trust). Once researched, I soon began to realise this was the path and route I wanted to take to get into the surveying industry.

    Fortunately the CSTT set me up with interviews for excellent well branded companies such as Savills.

    I joined Savills in September 2015 and became a full time employee within the Residential Valuations department. I have been undertaking many different jobs for various employees within the Valuations department ( Editing reports, Setting up jobs, Assisting on Valuations and planning).

    These are just some of the many jobs I undertake on a daily basis.

    I will shortly begin my level 3 qualification with CEM, which will provide me with the opportunity to progress with my future career. Without the CSST I would not be able to study towards my AssocRICS accreditation and become a fully Chartered Surveyor. This is the reason why I believe this programme is so beneficial to young students like myself.

    I do believe that the one day college placement will be challenging, however, with the right amount of effort and determination anything is possible!

    Name: Olly Eades

    University & Course: College of Estate Management, Level 3 Surveying Technician Apprenticeship

    Pathway: Surveying, Commercial

    Team: Retail Landlord, London

    Personal Profile:

    Whilst at school I was adamant I wanted to take a more direct route into employment than university, however, I was hesitant as to which industry I wished to enter. Therefore, in order to decide, I considered what I wished for in a vocation: versatility, sociability and responsibility, all of which the property industry offers in abundance. Upon attending the initial recruitment day at Savills I was struck by the copious positivity of everyone present, and it was this optimistic atmosphere which I wanted to be a part of.

    Having been offered a position on the Landlord team in the retail department I have already been exposed to a broad range of challenges and tasks, and have had the pleasure of working with a vast number of highly experienced individuals in a professional environment. This has allowed me to learn and develop at a rate greater than I could have imagined, reassuring me the apprenticeship pathway will be a beneficial one. Taking into consideration the wealth of experience I will have by the time I am of the same age as those entering the company through the graduate scheme.

    During my brief exposure to the corporate landscape to date I have been struck by the amicable nature of all those in the commercial property industry and the social aspects of this industry are plentiful, allowing a broad and useful network of fellow professionals to be developed.

    I have no doubt that this pathway will be tremendously advantageous in the long term, enabling those participating to use their day-to-day experiences to cope with the challenges of their degree and APC. In an industry which values experience and requires widespread collaboration, the extended exposure the apprenticeship pathway offers  will undoubtedly stand all those who complete it in good stead.

    Name: Darren Angel

    University & Course: College of Estate Management, Level 3 Surveying Technician Apprenticeship

    Pathway: Surveying - Valuation

    Team: Residential Valuations, London

    Personal Profile:

    Having a career in property and let alone at Savills was not one I envisaged (having a design background), but it's a fantastic opportunity for a career and it's a path I'm lucky to be able to follow. I'm excited for the future!

    After joining as Savills first apprentice in April 2013 and then becoming a full time employee in April 2014, it's been a whirlwind yet fantastic 3 years working in the London Valuations department. As well as working on a multitude of projects (involving Trusts & Tax, Loan Security, Admin etc.) and gaining 'on the job' experience, if it wasn't for the amazing people I've worked with and the support and training given, I certainly wouldn't be where I am today.

    As part of my on-going development, I've been also given the opportunity through the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust (CSTT) to undertake a Surveying Technician Apprenticeship and to also be able to apply and study towards an AssocRICS accreditation with the end result of becoming a fully Chartered Surveyor.

    Achieving the right balance of studying with the day to day job won't be an easy feat but I'm going to take a leaf out of our graduates books and tackle it head on. At the thought of becoming more knowledgeable, being involved in more projects and becoming a greater asset, it all becomes worth it!

    "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."
    ~ Colin Powell

    Name: Daniel Mackey

    University & Course: College of Estate Management, Level 3 Surveying Technician Apprenticeship

    Pathway: Surveying – Valuation

    Team: Commercial Valuation, London

    Personal Profile:

    Having started my career at Savills in January 2014 and then becoming a full time employee in January 2015, I can without a doubt say I couldn't be happier with the present and what lies ahead in the future.

    Working in Commercial Valuation has given me the necessary skills in order to progress within the company. This stems from being in a hard working team, understanding from my colleagues how to work efficiently specialising in Loan Security preparing Reports for Clients.
    This year I have been given the opportunity to attend the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust (CSTT) to undertake a Surveying Technician Apprenticeship. From this apprenticeship I will be closer towards becoming an Associate to RICS (AssocRics) to then becoming a Chartered Surveyor.

    Becoming fully Chartered is a huge stepping stone, however, being level headed, absorbing all the information I can, both in work and individually studying, I believe I can pave the way to a successful career