Sports and Social

Savills is a very social company to work for. Along with many social events, there are a range of sporting teams you can join including hockey, football and netball.

Furthermore, to ensure that our graduates have a balanced development experience, we asked for a small group of volunteers to make a proposal for a graduate project. As communication is a key skill for Surveyors the group selected I CAN, a charity for children with speech, language and communication needs. Each graduate year, money is raised via auctions, sponsored events and a young professional's party which attracts Surveying graduates across the industry. Savills allows every graduate a day out of their work schedule per year to visit the school in Meath, Surrey and work on a project; most recently graduates built an outdoor classroom using money they had raised themselves.

Savills has commitment to giving something back to the community and to ensuring that staff have a good work-life balance. "Work hard, have fun" has long since been a motto which is now being applied beyond the day job!